Board of Directors


Friends of Loudoun Mental Health Board of Directors are mental health advocates who, through Friends of Loudoun Mental Health's various initiatives, provide supportive and educational programming as well as activist voices to help end discrimination against people experiencing disabling mental illnesses and who are striving to recover. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall administration of Friends of Loudoun Mental Health and its direct services, educational and advocacy programs.  At the current time, Friends of Loudoun Mental Health Board of Directors serve as both a governing board and a working board.

There is a difference between what the Board of Directors does, acting as a body (governing board), and what Board of Directors do, acting as individuals on various committees (working board).  In other words, Friends of Loudoun Mental Health Board of Directors participate in program work, fundraising work, and administrative work alongside other committee volunteers striving to achieve Friends of Loudoun Mental Health mission and goals.

The Board of Directors meet the second Wednesday of each month in Leesburg.  Strategic Planning Meetings are held bi-annually and replace two of the regularly scheduled monthly meetings. 



Katrina Cole


Randy Ihara

Vice President

Beth Newberry


Annette Hartung


Board Members

Allison Baske Weise

Lee Higginbotham

Judy Hines

Tracy Wood

Lindsay Wright

Colleen Lovelace

Director of Business Development

Rusty Foster

Director of Communications

Aimee Mckinney

Christy Evans

Starrlite McLaurin


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