Recovery from Mental Illness

Tomorrow has arrived! Improved treatments, new social supports for employment, housing and a host of other services needed to sustain recovery, significant progress in the realm of criminal justice, widespread education efforts, and a strong and vital consumer movement – these and other innovations are making possible what just a few years ago seemed unattainable for many people living with mental illness.


RECOVERY is a process, beginning with diagnosis and eventually moving into successful management of your mental illness.


Methods of Treatment

Mental illnesses are real, treatable brain diseases. Methods of treatment may include:


Medication – many mental illnesses and their symptoms can be treated with medications. Medication does not control people. Medication corrects chemical imbalances, enabling most people who receive treatment to stop suffering and lead productive lives;


Psychotherapy – this method includes individual, family and group therapy facilitated by mental health professionals. Psychotherapy can help people:

  • Understand the illness,

  • Learn how to deal with any problems caused by the illness,

  • Make positive changes in their lives.


Electroconvulsive therapy – for cases in which medication and/or psychotherapy does not help alleviate a persons treatment–resistant depression, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may be useful. ECT, formerly known as "shock therapy," once had a bad reputation. But in recent years, it has greatly improved and can provide relief for people with severe depression who have not been able to feel better with other treatments.

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