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The following direct-service programs are unique and represent a public/private partnership between Friends of Loudoun Mental Health and the Supported Living Services Division of Loudoun County Mental Health Services.


Loudoun County services provide professional mental health care and support for people working towards recovery. Friends of Loudoun Mental Health is assured when a request comes from Loudoun County’s Mental Health Services that all other resources for assistance have been exhausted and that the consumer’s needs are fully documented and tracked by professional mental health personnel. This partnership assures that funds donated to Friends of Loudoun Mental Health are spent judicially with full transparency and equally important, that the consumer uses the funds as intended to maintain his/her recovery process, stability, and independent living.


This program helps prevent homelessness among Loudoun County residents disabled by mental illnesses.  Friends provides rental subsidies to consumers of Loudoun County Mental Health Services who are prepared to live independently but who cannot afford to do so. This direct service is administrated by Friends of Loudoun Mental Health through the public/private partnership with Loudoun County Supported Living Services. Loudoun County residents, experiencing disabling mental illnesses and receiving assistance from Friends of Loudoun Mental Health’s programming, live below the federal poverty line.


A program providing a hand up, not a hand out, such as small loans and one-time gifts to people disabled by mental illnesses, who are receiving professional care, and are in need of temporary financial help – money for an asthma inhalator, deposit for utilities, or boots for the winter season.


A coalition of contractors who are ready to provide need-based assistance for home repairs. If you are receiving professional care and need repairs done to your home, we can help. Roof leaks, appliance repairs, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and much more, this team cares about the comfort and safety of your home.

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Thank you to our contractors that care:


Have you lost a loved one—family member or friend—to suicide? Do you still hurt? Many times, this pain lasts a long time. And you don’t talk to anyone because of the stigma with mental illness, and especially suicide.

There are now two support groups for you. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was; the pain is real and still needs to be dealt with. Come talk to people like you for comfort and support and who have been where you are. No professional counseling is provided.
We are strictly a group of people who have lost loved ones. We share experience and give love and support to those in pain. This group meets monthly via zoom. For more information email 


People disabled by mental illness often face discrimination. This stigma can cause them to become isolated within their own families, neighborhoods, and places of employment. Like any one of us, people who are working to recover from mental illnesses need social support and friendships as part of their daily lives. Friends Being Friends is just such an outreach program. Volunteers join Loudoun residents, who are striving to recover from mental illnesses, for bowling nights, movies, picnics, musical concerts, or trips to regional meetings for consumers about recovery and current federal and state legislation. Volunteers even prepare holiday meals for consumers living in group homes throughout Loudoun County. In other words, volunteers are Friends Being Friends.



Help us ensure these programs remain funded.

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